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The National White Dove Release Society is a fast growing organization dedicated to promoting the White Dove Release business. The NWDRS provides aid and assistance to members by sharing ideas and experience in the care of our birds, training and business practices.

We are proud members of the AU and as such provide members the opportunity to purchase registered NWDRS/AU bands each year.

All Gold Members have their own listing information on the Professional Listing page of the state where their particular service area is located.

Additionally, there are promotional benefits for Gold Members such as various brochures that can be purchased in reasonable amounts; they are designed so you can personalize them with your personal identification.

We are a responsible organization of White Dove Release professionals. We uphold first the safety of our birds and the client by releasing only healthy, trained and banded white homing pigeons. We never tire of watching the effect these beautiful birds have on people at a wedding, funeral, or other display of love. They touch the heart in a way that nothing else can as they circle the crowds with flashing wings.

Our Gold Members are required to be a bona fide white dove release business who is in good standing with the public in their area. Possessing a web site is a high priority, as well. If you do not currently have a web site, we can possibly assist you in this area.

If you wish to be considered as a Gold Member of the NWDRS with full access to its resources, click HERE. This will allow you to access the application form. Full membership dues are only $36 per year.

If you still have questions or concerns, please click on "Join National White Dove Release Society FORUM" ". That is our free membership site where you can explore the option of a daily discussion forum where any subject relating to white dove releases can be discussed. You can enjoy the benefits of being a part of our NWDRS discussion forum...just without all the benefits of the Gold Membership.

Thank you for considering National White Dove Release Society.