9 Line Medevac Card Example

The purpose of a battle book is to provide cadets a portable handbook to carry while in the field. Number of patients by type l ____# patients litter

54 Free 9 Line Medevac Card Printable Download And Printable – Cad

Identify state air/ground ems frequencies and hospital contacts as applicable

9 line medevac card example. 9 line medical incident report ics 206 wf (1/14) medical incident report for all medical emergencies: (immediate, indirect, minor, or no threat). In the incident response pocket guide (irpg), pms 461, under emergency medical care (pink);

Elevate the casualty’s feet higher than the level of the heart. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Nbc line 9 information is only included when contamination exists.

One of the big differences is that when a soldier (operator, combat medic) calls in a 9 line, they’re expected to know all the lines and read off all the information to the medical unit dispatcher at the other end of the radio, who in theory should. The following are real life scenarios from actual combat) scenario #1: Include this line only when applicable.

If a medevac is improperly requested, the patient may not receive medical care promptly, possibly resulting in catastrophic consequences. Number of patients by precedence a. Radio frequency, call sign 3.

This is the format for calling in a 9 line: The medical incident report (mir) can be found in the following documents: Don’t be caught short or rely on paper to capture pertinent information, our card is field tested and is usable during inclement weather.

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N = nuclear, b = biological, c = chemical. Unless the medevac information is transmitted over secure communication systems it must be encrypted except as noted in step 3b 1. Use a stable object (a box, field pack, or rolled up clothing), so the feet will not slip off.

Methods of litter evacuation in mountain operations. Location of pickup site (line 1). Cls bag/med kit/joint first aid kit (jfak) litter/sked field dressings chem lights (blue & ir) for dust off flashlight (red/white.

Encrypt the app licable brevity codes. Xy) most common when referring to a 9 line though is a medevac request. Pickup zone (pz) terrain / obstacles:

“we were in upper kandahar during a normal routine patrol and a marine from 1 st mar stepped on an ied. Within the battle book there is an opord shell, call for fire card, 9 line medevac card, radio reports, and more. And in many incident action plans (iaps).the mir evolved from and has replaced the 9 line form and pink sticker.

If hextend, then no more than 1000ml followed by lr or ns as needed. Remember to splint suspected fractures before elevating the feet. Grid location of pickup site 2.

Include details of terrain features in and around proposed landing site. Radio frequency, call sign, and suffix. Unit of issue (s) pdf.

9 line medical evacuation request. During the ied explosion we started to take what seemed to be light fire from a single shooter. Record the gathered medevac information using the authorized brevity codes.

Paramedic/emt, crews, immobilization devices, aed, oxygen, trauma bag, iv/fluid(s), splints, rope rescue, wheeled litter, hazmat, extrication 6. Identify on scene incident commander by name and position and announce medical to emergency initiate response from imt communications/dispatch. Fluid resuscitation (usaisr rule of ten):

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Use of dd form 1380, us field medical card sample format. Examples of a 9 line medevac call (* note: *the battlebook is a pdf document that is ready to print.

Loosen clothing at the neck, waist or wherever it. (how the uxo is affecting the mission).

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54 Free 9 Line Medevac Card Printable Download And Printable – Cad

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